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Dance Department

College of the Arts



The mission of the Dance program at Dixie State University is to provide a diverse population of students the opportunity to achieve their dance education goals by developing the skills of embodied practice and scholarly and creative inquiry. Offering a BA/BS degree, as well as a minor in Dance, the program provides students a broad understanding of dance as an academic and professional discipline through technical, creative, and contextual courses, which complement and reinforce one another.

Program Goals

  • Provide discipline-specific degrees for a range of dance career goals.
  • Support General Education learning outcomes through course offerings.
  • Cultivate community engagement through ongoing, high-quality concert dance productions.
  • Increase enrollment, retention, and completion.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Perform dance with artistry while demonstrating technical competency.
  • Compose original dance works that implement the choreographic process as creative research from artistic stimulus to finished product.
  • Analyze the discourse of dance, including the historical and cultural development of dance as an art form, from multiple sources and perspectives and articulate an informed point of view in verbal and written communication.
  • Analyze and apply concepts of dance science and somatics to personal movement practice and pedagogy.
  • Implement the knowledge and skills necessary for pursuing a career in the dance field.