DANC 1101R, Ballet Technique I (For Majors)

(2.0 credits)

Course Description
This course is designed for first year dance majors and focuses on the fundamentals of ballet technique. Students receive instruction in the principles of alignment, placement, and movements of classical ballet, as well as ballet movement terminology. The course serves as a foundation for continued ballet studies throughout the dance major technical curriculum.

Course Objectives

  1. Gain a foundational knowledge of classical ballet vocabulary, technique, and related history.
  2. Initiate the process of connecting theory and technique to a basic level performance aptitude.
  3. Approach all training, practice, and performance from an anatomically correct and ‘core connected’ standpoint, especially in the application of outward rotation.
  4. Build musical, rhythmic, phrasing, and spatial skills suitable to the technique and style of ballet.
  5. Enhance aesthetic and practical appreciation of the work behind this exacting and exciting art form.