DANC 1200R, Modern Dance I

(2.0 credits)

Course Description
A beginning modern dance technique course for students with an emphasis in dance and for all students interested in developing skills in modern dance. It is designed to introduce basic modern dance movements and an understanding of and an appreciation for modern dance. Students who successfully complete this course will have beginning modern dance skills and be prepared to enroll in DANCE 2200. This course is a prerequisite to DANCE 2200.

Course Objectives

  1. Learn fundamentals of mechanical and physiological facts and principles of body movement as expressed through the medium known as “modern dance.”
  2. Learn beginning modern dance technique to create a whole body awareness and connectivity of individual body parts; increase body flexibility, strength, endurance and control.
  3. Demonstrate basic modern dance techniques through movement phrases, improvisation and compositional studies; understand time, space, and energy as the elements of dance.
  4. Appreciate the complexity and joy of freedom of movement as expressed through modern dance.