DANC 1201R, Modern Dance I (For Majors)

(2.0 credits)

Course Description
This course is designed for first year dance majors and focuses on fundamental skills in modern dance technique. Emphasis is placed on the development of strength, flexibility, core support, coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and movement expressiveness. The course serves as a foundation for continued modern dance studies throughout the dance major technique curriculum.

Course Objectives

  1. Develop foundation technique and performance skills.
  2. Approach all training, practice, and performance from an anatomically correct standpoint.
  3. Understand the major traditional premises and development of modern dance.
  4. Develop strength, flexibility and range of motion.
  5. Develop an informed view and the ability to make critical analyses of modern/contemporary dance performance.
  6. Begin to develop musicality, dynamics, clarity and articulation in time and space.
  7. Explore the expressive and qualitative range of movement and performance.