DANC 2330R, Improvisation (For Majors and Non-majors)

(2.0 Credits)

Course Description
This course will provide students with a fundamental understanding of the basic elements of dance and skills related to improvisation and performance. Additionally, this course prepares students for DANC 3900 Composition.

Course Objectives

  1. Students will gain an understanding of the basic elements of dance: time, space, and energy.
  2. Students will develop a greater sense of presence and self-expression in dance performance.
  3. Students will develop the ability to respond spontaneously to the movements of other dancers and environmental stimuli.
  4. Students will gain an awareness of their own movement tendencies as well as the means to expand personal movement vocabularies and creative inventiveness.
  5. Students will develop increased sensitivity to other dancers as well as a variety of dance spaces.
  6. Students will develop the ability to recall and bring form to movement created through improvisation.
  7. Students will develop written and verbal skill in regards to assessing dance performance.
  8. Students will gain the ability to create, revise, and perform improvisational dance scores.