DANC 3201R, Modern Dance III (For Majors)

(3.0 Credits)

Course Description
This course continues to focus on mastery of technical facility, bodily connectivity, and expressiveness. Technique and performance skills are built through exposure to increasingly complex movement material.

Course Objectives

  1. Develop greater fluency in dance technique and performance skills.
  2. Develop greater strength, flexibility and range of mobility.
  3. Approach all training, practice, and performance from an anatomically correct standpoint.
  4. Continue to develop an integration of core strength in all exercises and phrase work.
  5. Continue to develop musicality, dynamics, clarity and articulation in time and space.
  6. Expand the expressive and qualitative range of movement and performance.
  7. Enhance the ability to appreciate and write critically about modern/contemporary dance performance.
  8. Empower the person/dancer/thinker/artist within.