DANC 3510, Physics and Kinesiology for Dancers I (For Majors)

(2.0 Credits)

Course Description
This course is designed for students with an emphasis in dance, and for students interested in science of dance and human body movement. It provides students with a fundamental understanding of the laws of physics and basic anatomical knowledge pertinent to dance training and performing. This course will serve as a pre-requisite and foundation before moving into the more in-depth material emphasized in DANC4510, Physics and Kinesiology for Dancers II.

Course Objectives

  1. An understanding of the intrinsic relationship between dance and physics.
  2. An understanding of the physics laws and principles applied to dance techniques.
  3. An understanding of how the laws and principles of physics apply to dance movements.
  4. The ability to understand the scientific instructions for executing dance techniques.
  5. The ability to follow the scientific instructions to execute dance techniques and prevent injuries.
  6. The ability to utilize the knowledge of physics to improve efficiency of learning dance techniques.
  7. An understanding of the primary tissues of the body and their functions.
  8. The ability to name and locate all the bones in the skeletal system as well as an understanding of bone composition, structure, development and growth.
  9. An understanding of joint architecture and joint movement terminology.
  10. An understanding of body orientation terminology.
  11. An understanding of skeletal muscle structure and function.
  12. The ability to name and locate all major muscles and their functions.