DANC 1101R, Ballet Technique I (For Majors)

(2.0 credits) Course Description This course is designed for first year dance majors and focuses on the fundamentals of ballet technique. Students receive instruction in the principles of alignment, placement, and movements of classical ballet, as well as ballet movement terminology. The course serves as a foundation for continued ballet studies throughout the dance major technical curriculum. Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Recall a foundational knowledge of classical ballet vocabulary, technique, and related history.
  2. Perform beginning ballet exercises with proper placement, anatomical alignment, body awareness, connectivity, and coordination of body parts in class and on stage.
  3. Perform beginning ballet exercises with artistic expression in class and on stage.
  4. Acquire skills of responsibility and Grit as the relate to a career in the dance field.
  5. Contribute insights to discussion related to the discourse of dance.