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DANC 1110R, Dance Conditioning

(1.0 credit)

Course Description

Designed for dance majors and other students interested in improving strength and flexibility for sports or general health. Emphasizes body balancing in strength, flexibility, and endurance. Classwork is supported by basic study of anatomy and biomechanics. Specific application of exercises to particular dance movements and positions will be emphasized. Repeatable up to 4 credits subject to graduation restrictions. FA, SP.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply increased body awareness to enhance the movement of the body for daily function, injury prevention, and performance aesthetics.
  2. Demonstrate quantifiable increased strength and flexibility to improve dance performance as well as overall health.
  3. Apply breath-movement coordination to have efficient movement throughout the body and develop better stamina.
  4. Recall the names of major muscle groups, as well as their basic functions, for internal imagery and instance muscle recall.
  5. Identify different methods of exercise, their purpose, and how they impact one's physical health and performance.