DANC 1450, Aerial Dance Technique

<!--(1.0 credit)--> Course Description This course is designed for students with an emphasis and major in dance or theater, and for other students interested in expanding their range of movement vocabulary. This course focuses on technical instruction and creative exploration on the aerial fabric apparatus, as well as other aerial equipment as available. Safety will be the first priority throughout this course. Students will develop an awareness of proper aerial technique and alignment as they learn various climbs, wraps, locks, and inversions with aerial fabrics. Stretching, conditioning, strength training, rigging, and anatomy discussions directly related to aerial work will be supplemented with material from textbooks and videos to expand aerial vocabulary and historical knowledge. FA Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Perform basic aerial dance vocabulary with proper technique.
  2. Identify families of skills, common bases of support, and root positions on aerial fabric.
  3. Create and perform a personally expressive sequence utilizing proper aerial dance technique and vocabulary.
  4. Examine connections between aerial dance technique and other aspects of dance and theater training.
  5. Discuss basic rigging and safety precautions with respect for working in the air.
  6. Describe basic anatomy and injury prevention related to aerial dance technique.