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DANC 1510R, Ballroom Dance I, International Standard

(1.0 Credit)

Course Description
A beginning ballroom dance international standard technique course for students with an emphasis in dance, and for all students interested in developing skills in ballroom dance. This course is designed to introduce students to the international standard style of ballroom dancing. The dances covered in this class Waltz, Tango and Quickstep. Technique will cover footwork, posture, movement and alignment. Students who successfully complete this course will have a good knowledge of beginning level of International Standard Ballroom Dance. At the end of the semester, students should be able to dance three routines using correct footwork and rhythm with good dance posture. There are no prerequisites. This course is a prerequisite to DANC 2510.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply an understanding of the basic parts of footwork to Standard Ballroom steps and movements.
  2. Understand leading and following in the relationship between partners.
  3. Understand and perform the basic steps in Waltz, Tango and Quickstep and how the steps fit together in a routine.
  4. Identify and describe ballroom dance terms.
  5. Examine and discuss the complexity and enjoyment of ballroom dancing.