DANC 2200R, Modern Dance II

(2.0 Credits) Course Description An intermediate modern dance technique course for students with an emphasis in dance and for all students interested in developing skills in modern dance. A continuation of DANCE 1200. It is designed to increasing the difficulty of modern dance movements and it is the progression of development with modern dance technical skills. Prerequisite: Dance 1200 or instructor permission. Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Recall an advanced beginning knowledge of modern dance vocabulary, technique, and related history.
  2. Perform advanced beginning modern dance exercises with proper placement, anatomical alignment, body awareness, connectivity, and coordination of body parts in class and on stage.
  3. Perform advanced beginning modern dance exercises with artistic expression in class and on stage.
  4. Perform improvisation and compositional studies that demonstrate an understanding of time, space, and energy as the elements of dance.
  5. Acquire skills of responsibility and Grit as they relate to a career in the dance field.
  6. Contribute insights to discussion related to the discourse of dance.