DANC 2580R, Tap Dance II

Course Description An intermediate tap dance course that focuses on proper technique, correct rhythm, and clarity of sound while introducing more complicated combinations, step patterns and vocabulary. Attention is given to counting, accenting, and technicality. A variety of steps, styles, contemporary tap masters' combinations, and famous tap dances will be introduced. Prerequisite: DANC 1580R (Grade C or higher) or instructor permission. SP. Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Build on the six basic sounds of tap dance by memorizing and performing intermediate tap combinations.
  2. Recall and apply increases sound and rhythm patterns with advanced tap terminology and varied styles of tap dance
  3. Analyze and interpret music and use tap shoes as an instrument through improvisation and choreography
  4. Understand different percussive movement styles and famous tap artists.
  5. Apply performance skills including stage presence, confidence and interpretation