DANC 3900, Composition (For Majors and Non-majors)

(2.0 Credits) Course Description A dance composition course for students with an emphasis in dance and for all students interested in dance composition. This course is designed to advance students in dance composition and refine personal artistic style. Choreography skills are expanded through further exploring of spatial design, dynamics, phrasing, and rhythm. Elements of space, time and qualities of movement are basis for compositional study. Prerequisite: DANC 2330 Improvisation Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Analyze the basic elements of dance – time, space and energy.
  2. Investigate a variety of choreographic styles and skills.
  3. Apply improvisation to expand movement vocabulary.
  4. Compose dances by utilizing basic elements of dance and choreographic tools.
  5. Examine stimuli that motivate a choreographer to create a work of art.
  6. Analyze and assess personal efforts in dance composition, as well as those of others both verbally and in writing.