DANC 4600, Dance Pedagogy

(3.0 Credits) Course Description For students with an emphasis in dance and students interested in teaching dance at the secondary and college level.  This course introduces and analyzes the principles, methods, philosophies, and practice of teaching dance. Emphasis is placed on the theoretical and practical applications of teaching dance at the secondary and higher education level. Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Course Learning Objectives
  1. Discuss and demonstrate practical skills for teaching dance to students of varying level and ability.

  2. Identify and examine qualities that contribute to a successful dance educator.

  3. Construct movement material that is anatomically sound and aesthetically enhancing for participants in a given dance genre.

  4. Analyze content for technique classes in various settings.

  5. Devise lesson plans congruent with Utah State Secondary Dance Core Curriculum and the National Dance Standards.

  6. Articulate a point of view regarding one’s teaching philosophy as pertains to dance education.