DANC 4710, Dance History (For Majors)

(3.0 Credits) Course Description For students majoring in dance and students interested in dance history. This course explores the history of dance derived from Western Civilization from the Ancient to Contemporary periods. Students examine the role of dance in philosophical, cultural, and historical contexts and develop critical analysis skills through dance viewing, lecture, and discussion, as well as research and written assignments. Prerequisite: DANC 2110 and DANC 3710 or instructor permission Course Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of the development of Western theatrical dance from Ancient Civilization through contemporary society.
  2. Identify characteristics and influential people associated with historical periods in the development of Western theatrical dance.
  3. Examine and communicate critically in writing and class discussion about dance masterworks within applicable historical, social, and political contexts.
  4. Generate research and writing on dance history topics in a clear, informative, and engaging manner, including citations and a bibliography as appropriate for academic scholarship.